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Spiritual Gardens

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Spiritual Gardens is part of Womens Recovery Corp, a non-profit 501c3 corporation.  We are able to do the things we do because of contributions from corporations and individuals like you.  Please help with a contribution today.  You can use PayPal or PayPal credit card processing.  Thank you in advance.


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Spiritual Gardens is a sober living program that gives women of all ages the ability to break the bonds of their addictions and grow into healthy sober and pricipaled human beings. Our three phase program combines the spiritual pricipals found in AA's twelve steps with a closely guided daily routine designed to help our clients develop the tools for independent sober living and long term recovery. Spiritual Gardens is not a drug and alcohol rehab, but is rather a sober way of life built on the sound foundation created by our rehab partners.

While in phase 1, Extra Care, clients follow a daily routine at the residence that includes AA and NA meetings, group therapy, exercise, meditation and recovery workshops. 

In Phase 2, Sober Living Plus, residents go to work, visit with family and have the freedom to come and go as they wish.  While in phase 2, however, the residents still have an evening curfew, are required to to go AA meetings, have an AA sponsor, work AA's twelve steps, do chores at the house and continue to develop their living skills in our therapy sessions and recovery workshops. 

While in Phase 3, A New Freedom, clients live in a Spiritual Gardens apartment near our headquarters, and have most of the freedom they would have if living on their own.  However, they are required to continue their schedule of AA and NA meetings and maintain contact with their sponsor and councilors from phase 2. 

Clients in all three phases agree to random drug testing and behavior that contributes to the harmony of the community.

Spiritual Gardens is not a drug and alcohol Rehab.  We do not employ professionals, but rather accept the services of professional and non professional volunteers, all of whom are in recovery themselves.  Our experience is that addicts respond best to peers who have been where they have been and who have  successfully stayed sober.  For much the same reason phase 1 and phase 2 clients live together and help each other.  Phase 1 clients receive love, hope and suggestions from phase 2 clients and phase 2 clients benefit by being of service.  This peer to peer help system has proven immensely successful in keeping addicts sober while they learn a sober life style.